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Chart Exposure

On the free membership you can access our charts and draw your own trends and predict where you expect the market to go. We have provided all members a ticker which includes all the assets we believe you should be trading.

Free Learning

Free learning is provided to all free memberships, which include Leveraged Trading, Scalping, Swing Trading plus many more, these come in booklets that members can read and understand how these indicators work.

Monthly Podcasts

We will allow free members to experience our podcasts on a monthly basis, podcasts at times have special guests on, economy talk, cryptocurrency market analysis plus much more.

How to trade the basics

All free memberships will be able to trade the basics within the cryptocurrency and stock market, with hours of free learning each members can gain a great knowledge of the markets.

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Sign up and become an exclusive member to access chart exposures, weekly podcasts, free learning material and guides. The following is included with our exclusive membership package:

Podcasts Weekly

With the exclusive membership, we provide weekly podcasts in which we talk about the markets in both the cryptocurrency and the stock market. We allow members too suggest topics in which we can discuss.

Daily Market Analysis

We provide a daily market analysis which includes charts for assets that we believe could have a potential in gaining profit, if we are short or long it doesn’t matter as we can make money on both sides.

Weekly Market Breakdowns

We provide weekly video market breakdowns, this will include a video analysis of assets that have a potential long or short within a certain time frame. These videos are extremely beneficial as they are a great visual for traders.

Stock Market Analysis

We provide a weekly stock market breakdown, we provide a chart and video in which we look at stocks and give a brief on how the market looks and where we think its going next.