August 2015
Cryptography Capital was created.
February 2016
First office was opened in Manchester.
June 2016
Reached a 1 million asset fund.
May 2017
Reached over 20 employees.
July 2018
Reached 30 employees.
December 2018
reached 5 million asset fund.
March 2019
Reached 40 employees.
November 2019
Opened London Office.
February 2020
Reached 20 million asset fund.

What We Offer

Cryptography Capital offers daily market updates to keep members updated 24/7, from daily updates to weekly podcasts that includes special guests along with full market breakdowns on the economy and whats next in the financial world.

Cryptography Chat

Welcome to the Cryptography chat, where members can talk and share idea’s with each other. A concept that Cryptography first brought in, members have the freedom to share content, ideas and much more. Talk to other market leaders and get their own opinion on whats happening next in the crazy world of trading.


We understand that trying to conquer the markets isn’t as easy as it sounds. But at Cryptography we couldn’t have made it easier for our members. We provide a 26-page book to all members that will teach them the ways to become a successful trader of the markets.

Also, on hand to all of our members are the Cryptography advisors who have been studying the markets for over 10 years. We provide our members with the best possible service as we understand the difficulties to trading.

Market Breakdowns

Market breakdowns are a crucial part of learning the business we call trading, on a weekly basis, we breakdown the markets for our members, which will include a breakdown of the Cryptocurrency market and the Stock market. The breakdown is a crucial part of understanding the conditions of the market.


On a weekly basis, podcasts will be released to members, topics that will be covered are as follows. What to expect next from the markets, How to deal with the sociological mindset you must have if you want to succeed in becoming a trader & whats happened in the financial sector week by week.

Cryptography Content

Once becoming a member, a 26 page book is distributed, weekly podcasts will be aired in which we will be exploring mindset and how to escape the traditional 9-5 life. How to escape the same routine each day, the podcast is a way for all members to listen to the voices that have done it all in the market place. Weekly market breakdowns are also aired on a Friday, by the time you have finished the breakdown, you will understand all what is about to take place for the upcoming week. On the Cryptography chat, daily updates are given to the Cryptocurrency markets along with the Stock market.


Cryptography capital had their first ever meet up back in 2016 and it worked extremely well, get a chance to meet the Cryptography team including both CEO’s of the company. Meet members and unwind in a relaxed environment.


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